Aquasana Rhino® EQ-400R Replacement Filter Tank

Aquasana Rhino® EQ-400R Replacement Filter Tank


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The EQ-400R filter is intended for use as a replacement pre-filter cartridge with the EQ-400 Whole House Water Filter. It has a rated capacity of 400,000 gallons (1,510,000 litres) and can last for up to 4 years once it has been activated.

Filtration Capabilities

The EQ-400R filter works as part of the EQ-400 Whole House Water Filter's 3-stage filtration method to efficiently remove many contaminants from water. Each stage contains a different type of filtration media, and together they form a strong combination. The result of which is a reduction in Chlorine levels by 97% and reduces other contaminants such as Chloramines, Lead, Mercury, VOC's, Pharmaceuticals and many more.

The first stage of the filtration process in the EQ-400 system is performed by the EQ-304 pre-filter. This filter has been designed to filter out sediment over 1 micron in size from the source water before it reaches the main tank filter. This helps to keep the tank in good condition over its lifespan preventing large sediment contaminants from damaging its filtration medium.

Following this, both the second and third filtration stages occur in the main EQ-400 tank. The second stage media is found in the upper section of the tank and it consists of a fine Activated Catalytic Carbon blend that is able to effectively reduce the levels of Chlorine, Chloramine and other compounds.

The source water then continues to the third stage in the bottom section, which is once again filled with an Activated Catalytic Carbon media. However, this consists of a different blend that also removes Herbicides, Pesticides, Industrial Solvents and Pharmaceuticals.

EQ-400R Performance Data Sheet

Replacement Method

The EQ-400R has been designed so that it can be replaced without the need to hire a plumber again to do the job. Through the use of the shut-off valve provided in the install kit, water flow can be stopped and once the system is drained, the filter housings can be unscrewed and the old filters can easily be removed and replaced.

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Model: EQ-400R
Filter Capacity: 400,000 gallons (1,510,000 litres)
Filter Life: 4 Years
Flow Rate: 7.0 gpm (31.8 lpm)
Pressure Range: 2 - 7 bar (20 - 100 psi)
Temperature Range: 4.4 - 32.2°C (40 - 90°F)
Dimensions: 144. cm (H) x 26.6 cm (D) x 26.6 cm (W)
Weight: 17.8 KG

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