Aquasana EQ-AS20R Replacement Filter Cartridge

Aquasana EQ-AS20R Replacement Filter Cartridge


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The EQ-AS20R filter is intended for use as a replacement cartridge with the EQ-AS20 whole house water conditioner. It has a rated lifetime of up to 1-year once it has been activated.

Conditioning Capabilities

Designed to protect a home's internal plumbing and home appliances, the EQ-AS20R offers a salt-free solution to prevent scale buildup and any damage that could occur as a result of it. When in use, it can extend the life of appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines or inline heaters and reduces the visibility of water marks on surfaces.

This protection is achieved through Aquasana's unique SCM technology, which works by transforming the dissolved minerals that cause scale build up into inactive microscopic crystal particles. These particles are harmlessly passed through water and down the drain instead of sticking and clinging to metal surfaces.

The SCM technology also offers effective scale protection without the need to add salt into the water, keeping it safe to drink. Additionally, it does not actively demineralise the water, allowing for users to still enjoy the benefits of the natural minerals in their supply.

Replacement Method

The EQ-AS20R filter cartridge is easy to replace and by following the recommended method it should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Each replacement cartridge is provided with a set of instructions showing the fastest method to safely remove the old cartridge and install the new one and no power tools are required to make the exchange.

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Weight: 13.0 KG

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