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Is Bottled Water the Right Choice?

Bottled water has become a multi-billion-pound business. It's now the fastest growing segment of the entire beverage industry and the most profitable of all beverages. It is also one of the biggest polluting industries in the world!

The realisation that bottled water is seldom of higher quality than tap water has caused a major shift in public opinion. "It causes millions of plastic bottles to be manufactured, transported and then disposed of in landfills, it's killing our planet, and for no good reason..." Eric Olsen, Natural Resources Defense Council.

Billions of dollars are spent on advertising campaigns to give consumers the perception that bottled water comes from pristine mountain springs or pure underground aquifers. The truth is that bottled water is often little more than tap water in a bottle.

The reality of bottled water is that you pay from £1 to £3 a gallon for the perception of higher quality, when in fact the quality of bottled water is at best an unknown. Quality home water treatment is by far the most economical, the most convenient and the best way to produce truly healthy, great-tasting water. It is also the right choice environmentally!

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