Aquasana UV Sterilight Water Filter

This product is currently available for pre-order. Its expected release date is the week commencing the 31st January 2022.

If your water is from a private well and you are looking to eliminate all potential bacteria and viruses then Aquasana UV Filter is the most efficient and effective water purification system available.

The system sanitizes the water with its AQ-UV-20 ultraviolet light sanitation system. The AQ-UV-20 ultraviolet light sanitation system uses ultraviolet radiation to sanitize drinking water as it passes through the system, which changes the DNA structure of microbiological contaminants and cysts. UV light radiation also prevents bacteria and viruses from reproducing, and microbiological contaminants cannot survive without constant reproduction. The AQ-UV-20 works with a 0.35-sub-micron filter which must be used before the system to prevent a shadowing effect, which can cause the UV radiation to lose its effectiveness.


The system is easy to install with the help of a licensed plumber. It installs where your water line enters your home - typically where your hot water heater is located. It can be installed inside or outside your home and needs only be protected from extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. The system comes with everything you need for installation.

Filter Life1 Year
Flow Rate7.0 gpm (31.8 lpm)
Operating Pressure Range2 - 7 bar (20 - 100 psi)
Operating Temperature Range32.2°C (90°F)
Domestic Warranty2 Years